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  • Date: Thursday 14th April
  • Fee: £344
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What is OET?

OET is an occupational English test also a type English language test which is designed for healthcare professionals and acknowledge by regulatory healthcare departments. This test appraise the English language skills of healthcare professionals who want to register in an English speaking environment and also want to practice there. OET is available for 12 professions dietetics, medicine, dentistry, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, veterinary science and speech pathology.

OET test Pattern

This test also contain Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking.

Listening: It takes approximately 45 minutes. It will illustrate that a candidate can understand the material related health of patient like consultations and lectures.

Reading: it will take around 60 minutes. Which will examine that the candidate can read the written material of different health related subjects.

Writing: it will take 45 minutes approximately. It will be a task to write a letter generally a referral letter. A different letter is required for some professions: e.g. a letter to inform or advise patient, or a letter of transfer or discharge.

Speaking: it will take approximately 20 minutes. This test will be taken individually and candidate have to take part in two role plays, like he or she will take him or her as a medical healthcare professional like nurse or pharmacist and interrogator will play role like a patient or a client.

Why choose OET

If you want to work or study in healthcare field in countries like UK, the US, Ireland Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Singapur,Namibia or Dubai.

By taking test OET will prove that you have the best level of English which will help you at daily basis on your work space.

  • . OET will train you with your healthcare studies which will make you more confident at test day
  • . OET is recognized by some other countries as healthcare professionals, and to find visas as well.
  • . OET helps to improve your English language skills for success in your professional career.


OET will be easy to attempt if you will join AES to for successful career in healthcare department. We have a team of professionals who trained our clients in a very best way that they could shine with the name of AES.